How'd you get into programming?

My interest in programming dates back to early 2015, when I took my first "Introduction to Computer Science" course in Java. I enjoyed it enough to take its sequel in the following year.

It was during my first year of engineering when I took an "Introduction to Computation" course, which introduced me to Python. I spent many hours working with this new language, and began to think about pursuing software engineering as a career.

It was my first hackathon in second year where I learned about fullstack development. I have been trying to learn and grow as a fullstack developer ever since!

Favourite language?

I enjoy working with Python. I am a big fan of legibility. The syntax of the language is clean and that results in code that is relatively short and easy to understand. This lets me think more about the problem I’m trying to solve, as opposed to remembering the syntax.

Favourite courses so far?

I really enjoyed Software Design 1, as it introduced me to software development as a whole, abstracting away from just programming.

Courses you're excited for?

I am looking forward to Human Computer Interfaces, since the course focuses on principles of good interface design and introduces interface design tools – important concepts to learn for anyone interested in UI/UX design.

What is the "...and Management" part of your degree?

The Engineering and Management program is a special 5-year program unique to McMaster University. It “integrates the full course load of an undergraduate engineering education with the core course requirements of a business degree”. I am particularly interested software applications in economics and finance.

Hackathons you've been to?

I love attending Hackathons. I’ve been to:

I'm also an attendee relations executive for DeltaHacks V!

You can look at my projects here.

What do you do outside of software development?

I enjoy weightlifting, listening to hip-hop, traveling, and spending time with my family and friends.

Current Goals? (end of April 2019)

Dive deeper into UI/UX design, learn React.js, and secure my next internship.

Easiest way to contact?

I am most easily contacted by email. Next would be by phone.